Internal audit

Our internal audit resources shall provide the assurance of internal control in all business processes and bring operational effectiveness by recommending an effective solution along with improvement opportunities. Our approach allows to provide a platform to identify and foster your risk.


  • Prompt detection of frauds
  • Ensuring compliance with all statutory parameters
  • Improve the “control environment” of the organization
  • Board and Authorized personnel shall have the full hand report
  • Introduce best practices aligned with your business strategies
  • Analyse the existing internal controls and map the risk factor to understand the importance of internal controls with in the process

Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring – Recurring Internal Audit

Continuous auditing consists the review of audit evidence and indicators by our audit team from an entity’s business application systems, processes, transactions, and control on a frequent and continuous basis. This helps to ensure compliance with policies, procedures, and regulations. In many cases, Continuous Auditing can act as an early warning system to detect control failure on a more-timely basis than under traditional approaches.


  • Providing industry insights and thought leadership with a focus on risk and control matters.
  • Delivering regular insight into the status of controls and transactions across the business process.
  • Reporting value to board and management.

Our services can help you to strategically assess, remediate and improve control issues identified, while also elevating the profile of internal audit in identifying and addressing complex emerging risk areas. We typically provide these services on a recurring, long-term basis to help create trust and confidence in their financial reporting and internal control over financial reporting.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) is the act of refashioning core business process and radical redesign of a process in order to achieve value addition and vivid improvements. We help you to create a process library, standard operating procedures (SOP) which holds the names of all the business processes in the organization. We assist you to lead your initiative by giving you the scope of the business processes best suited for your business.


  • Refocus on organizational needs or employee needs
  • Standardization and simplification of process which help in building the proficiency
  • Shrink repetition of the work
  • Professional guidance which will fetch the best practices from various industry
  • Enhancement in the performance in term of cost, quality and time
  • Ensuring end to end accountability of business process
  • Restructure on cross functional teams and support
  • Process optimization
  • Focus on customer essentials

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Our internal audit resources shall provide the assurance of internal control in all business processes

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