IYKONS provides a simplified
e-commerce solution

Increase business volume and profit margin,Help your local community and support them to stay at home

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IYKONS provides a simplified e-commerce solution

  • Increase business volume and profit margin
  • Help your local community and support them to stay at home
  • Help elderly and vulnerable people. For practical reasons they may not be able to come to any shops for another 6 months or more. Some of them may not have anyone to shop for them.
  • Stay open online 24 / 7 x 365
  • Expand Market for Niche Products
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Convenience & Easiness

What is included in the IYKONS E-commerce solution?

  • FREE Domain registration
  • Upload your major products that you are selling
  • Flexibility to change your Product pricing
  • PAYPAL Payment gateway integration
  • Dedicated e-mail address
  • FREE Printed business cards for marketing your new e-Store

Our Platform Includes

  • User friendly interface for buyers which facilitates easy online signup
  • Buyer can create, add and edit their own profile under associated account settings
  • Offer a great browsing tool which can be used to search products
  • The buyer will be able to view full product description on each item and can also drilldown and filter product categories and kinds
  • The buyer will get an email notification once the order is placed

Backend for the seller

  • Delivers a rich, single seller portal that attracts the online shoppers
  • Diverse platform where the seller can add products and subcategories
  • The interactive dashboard will also enable the seller to add attributes. For example, Colour, Size, etc.
  • Seller will be able to add brands and product descriptions (Product Name, Category, Description, Price, Upload Image, etc.)
  • Seller will be able to update the products in real time
  • Allow the seller to schedule automated email notification on customer orders
  • Seller will be able to view the new orders (key insight of business orders delivered to your inbox for processing)
  • Seller will be able to update the delivery status of the orders.

If you need any further help, please feel free to contact us.

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